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    : balaev05@bk.ru
    : Moscow

    Ball Mills

    Ball Mill Optima

    Model Main motor power Weight of balls Capacity (kg\h) Capacity (kg\h)
    kW кг cocoa liquor* chocolate and confectionery coatings.**
    Optima 1000 37900 1000 800
    Optima 2000 55 1300 2000 1000
    Optima 3000 75 1800 3000 1500
    Optima 4000 902100 4000 1500

    *99% wsr. / 20 micron, in line production

    **Capacity if powdered sugar is used, in line production

    Ball mill OPTIMA is developed for the fine grinding of chocolate masses, confectionery coatings, compounds and confectionery fillings.

    All main parts of Ball mill OPTIMA , are manufactured of stainless steel and special alloyed steel that enables to control micro-biology of product (prevent bacteria and metal from penetration into the product).

    Grinding shaft, grinding blades and grinding balls are manufactured of high-strength alloyed steel with firmness index 58-60 HRC.

    Grinding shaft and tank of Ball Mill Optima are equipped with the water cooling system.

    Ball Mills Optima are equipped with electronic control system of grinding process: pressure control, temperature control, main drive working load, productivity of pump.

    This system enables automatic protection of Ball Mill Optima against overheating, breakdowns, burning and overheating of product.

    The information about the system status is displayed on the touch screen display.

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