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    Ball Mills

    Ball mill Optima Compact

    Ball mill Optima Compact
    Model Main motor power Weight of balls Volume of tank Grinding time (h.)
    kW kg kg Crystal sugar Powdered sugar
    Optima Compact 600 30 800 600 2-2,5 1

    Ball mill OPTIMA is developed for the fine grinding of chocolate masses, confectionery coatings, compounds and confectionery fillings.

    Installation 2 in 1 combines Ball mill and premixer.

    High intensity of working load in combination with small grinding balls provide fine and high quality grinding.

    Construction of Ball Mill ensures long-term, troubleproof operation.

    Grinding shaft, grinding blades and grinding balls are manufactured of high-strength alloyed steel with firmness index 58-60 HRC.

    Product is transferred from the lower grinding zone to the upper mixing zone.

    Fat loading is executed through upper hatch, dry components dosing is executed by rigid screw conveyer.

    High power-to-weight ratio provides supply of grinding energy in relatively short time.

    This system provides high capaicty and high efficiency of grinding process.*

    Ball Mill is equipped with a pump for product circulation during grinding process and for transferring it after completion of grinding.

    Highly qualified staff are not required to maintain and operate Ball mill Optima Compact 600.

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