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    +7 910 4849243
    : balaev05@bk.ru
    : Moscow


    Micro-Dosing, Oil dosing Equipment

    Micro-dosing machinery Optima Micro 1 and Optima Micro 2 is designed for accurate dosing of solid substances (lecithin, vanillin, salt, aromatic substances) etc.

    Dosing of liquid components executes by piston dosing device with heating system.

    Dosing of dry substances executes by volumetric method.

    Oil dosing machine IB O3000 is designed for accurate dosing of liquid fats (fillings).

    Micro-dosing machinery is manufactured of high-quality stainless steel for food industry.

    Operation and control of the machinery is executed in a completely automatic mode by Siemens s7-200 controller.

    Servomotors are the only drives used.

    Patented system of vacuum-injector feeding of dry substances up to 30 metres distance is applied in Optima Micro 1and Optima Micro 2 machines.

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