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    +7 910 4849243
    : balaev05@bk.ru
    : Moscow



    IB GROUP DUO 601,602,603 machines are equipped with removable mould with rotational nozzles.



    Nozzles are of different configurations, they have solid structure and long-lasting service life. Wide range of products can be created: two-coloured biscuits, biscuits with fillings (fruit, chocolate), moon cake, muffin (two-coloured, with fillings), pastry, and marshmallow.


    Types of nozzles for deposited biscuits



    Types of nozzles for marshmallow



    IB GROUP DUO 603 machines are equipped with removable head with plastic static moulds for production of wire-cut two-coloured biscuits from thick dough.


    Types of moulds for wire-cut biscuits




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