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    +7 910 4849243
    : balaev05@bk.ru
    : Moscow


    Training and service

    We conduct test of each machine with representative of Customer before shipping it.

    By agreement with Customer we produce a trial lot of product and analyse weight, humidity, percentage content of fat in it in laboratory. There is experimental workshop in our factory. It’s equipped with mixers, ovens and also completely equipped laboratory in accordance with the latest requirements of ?Food Safety? law.

    By additional agreement we are ready to carry out training of specialists of Customer to operate and maintain machines, propose new recipes for the most efficient equipment operation.


    Testing of recipes of Customer in our experimental workshop is the additional option. For example, you wish to produce biscuits but you have doubts about recipe (percentage content of ingredients, viscosity of dough, size, and weight of final product, etc.)

    There is full-cycle production equipment in our workshop, it enables us to develop optimal recipe just for you.


    Before shipping equipment to your company we securely pack it in accordance with the requirements of export package of the machinery.

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